Dear FallCon Participants 各位參加2017台北秋季大會的領導先進們:

There are some kind reminders to share with you before the event:


1.       The Check-in counter is on B1. Please note that as usual, a club representative will need to collect all club members’ badges etc... for the sake of efficiency.

2017台北秋季大會2天的報到處均設在張榮發基金會大樓的B1,請注意:為能更有效率地完成報到流程,報到名牌及大會資料將以分會為單位發放,各分會先抵達會場者請您代為領取您全分會所有參加大會者的資料再協助發放, 大會將不進行各別領取。

2.      There is a luggage storage room on B1. Check with a PR Ambassador if you need help.

B1 設有行李放置房間,請於報到時向帥氣美麗的公關大使尋求指引協助。

3.      Limited to 65 free parking tokens are offered on each day of the Conference. We strongly encourage members to take public transportation, such as MRT or bus as the venue location is quite convenient. If you do drive, after you arrive, you can exchange the green token to the yellow one at the check-in counter. First come, first serve!

秋季大會每天提供限量65個名額的免費停車代幣! 因為活動地點的便利性,我們強烈建議您可搭乘大眾運輸如捷運或巴士;倘若您開車前來,在停好車報到後可於秋季大會報到處更換免費停車感應代幣,每天限量65個名額,先到先得。

4.      The lunch box ticket, afternoon tea ticket, and the dinner party ticket are printed on the badge. Please show the ticket to the staff when you get your meal.


 ① Souvenir: You could get the souvenir with this icon.


② Handbook: You could get the handbook with this icon. We also provide electronic handbook.          


③ 11/25 Lunchbox: You could get 11/25 lunchbox (meat or vegetable) with this icon.


④ 11/25 Afternoon Tea: You could get 11/25 afternoon tea (meat or vegetable) with this icon.


⑤ 11/25 Dinner Party: You could attend 11/25 dinner party (meat or vegetable) with this icon.


⑥ 11/26 Lunchbox: You could get 11/26 lunchbox (meat or vegetable) with this icon.


⑦ 11/26 Afternoon Tea: You could get 11/26 afternoon tea with this icon.


  ⑧ Chinese Name 中文姓名:如未輸入中文姓名則留白。

  ⑨ English Name 英文姓名:如未輸入英文姓名則留白。

  ⑩ Club Name (Chinese):分會名稱(中文)

  ⑪ Club Name (English):分會名稱(英文)

  ⑫ Course: White-2 days ticket 參加課程:白色-兩日課程

       Purple-11/25 ticket (morning ticket-left side color bar, afternoon ticket-right side color bar)

       紫色-11/25  課程(如僅參加上午則顯示左半色條,僅參加下午則顯示右半色條)

       Blue-11/26 ticket (morning ticket-left side color bar, afternoon ticket-right side color bar)


  ⑬ Student: We will check your student ID card with this icon.

  ⑭ Agenda: You could scan the QR code to read the agenda.
       大會議程:掃描該QR code可連結至大會議程的網址。

  ⑮ Course: 2 days, 1 day, or half day ticket. 參加課程:第一天、第二天全天或上、下午的課程。

 ⑯ Check-in Code: We will inform you of the check-in code via email. Please tell this code to the check-in team. If you forget your check-in code, there is a dashboard of club code, please tell the club code to the check-in team.



5.       Suggest downloading the agenda in advance. We will not provide the hardcopy of agenda. You could also find the agenda by scanning the QR code on the badge.

現場將不會提供議程表的紙本,建議您事先下載大會的議程表,或掃描名牌上的QR code連結到議程表的網址。

6.      Suggest bringing your own water bottle as there is a drinking fountain on each floor (except B1).

除了B1以外在會場每層樓均設有飲水機,建議您攜帶環保杯,環保愛地球!  J

7.      Please do not drink or eat in the venue rooms, only water bottles are permitted by the venue.


8.      For both days, the lunch & afternoon tea location is on B1. There is a private lunch gathering for DTM/Pathways Ambassadors & Guides on November 26 in the 10F dining room.

秋季大會2日的午餐及下午茶點飲食區域均設在B1;DTM及各部Pathway推廣代表將於11/26 中午於10樓用餐區域餐敍。

9.      There will be a badge recycling box on B1 floor for you to recycle your badge before you leave.


10.  CYF provides WiFi except for B1.  Just search CHUANG YUNG FA FOUNDATION and no password is needed.  

基金會各樓層均有WI-FI 可供連結(除了B1以外),請搜尋CHUANG YUNG FA FOUNDATION, 不需要密碼。

Transportation info 交通資訊:

FallCon Venue 大會場地: Chang Yung-Fa Foundation 張榮發基金會

Address: No.1, Zhongshan S. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


MRT : Take the Red Line to NTU Hospital Station (R09) and Exit 2 (5 min walk); or take the and Green Line / Red Line to Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall (G10/R08) Exit 5 or 6 (15 min walk). Please refer to the above venue link for more details.

搭乘捷運淡水信義線至「台大醫院」站2號出口下車(距離本館步行時間約5分鐘左右) ● 搭乘捷運淡水信義線松山新店線至「中正紀念堂」站56號出口下車(距離本館步行時間約15分鐘左右)

Bus: Take 37、245、249、263、270、621、630、651 bus and get off at Renai Chongshan intersection 於「仁愛中山路口」下車

Take 3、0東、20、22、22區間、38、204、1503、信義幹線、信義新幹線 bus and get off at Xinyi Linsen intersection於「信義林森路口下車

Take 15、208 bus and get off at Jingfumen Station 於「景福門」下車

Car: The parking entrance of the Foundation is on Xinyi Rd behind the main building and next to the Zhongzheng Sports Center. Since Renai Rd. and Xinyi Rd., are all one-way road, if you drive from Renai Rd, you will have to drive around the Dongmen Roundabout and keep the left lane when you enter Xinyi Rd. The parking space is on B3, $30NT per hour parking.



Badge Design 名牌設計說明: