Josh Myers, ACB, ALB

  • 2014 International Speech 1st Place, Toastmasters District 67
  • 2015 International Speech 2nd Place, Toastmasters, District 67
  • 2016 Humorous Speech 3rd Place, Toastmasters District 67
  • 2016 Table Topic Contest 2nd Place, Toastmasters District 67
  • 2014 Table Topic Contest 2nd Place, Toastmasters District 67C
  • 2014 World Championships of Public Speaking in Toastmasters Semi-Final
  • 2013 Table Topic Contest 2nd Place, Toastmasters District 67


English Educational Training

Workshop Title:  Hero's Journey   

Time:  11/26 (Sun) 10:30~11:30

Venue:  Room 603

Workshop Introduction: Hero's Journey

The 12 stages of the Hero's journey is the secret to how great books, plays, and movies are created.
For us Toastmasters this is a great structure for a speech, especially if you're speaking about a universal subject that the entire audience can relate to (essential for winning speeches).
By learning how to use this storytelling approach, you will tap into a powerful, unconscious reservoir in your audience: the shared experience of overcoming life's hurdles, of striving to excel and triumph. When your stories touch this, your audience will not only hear your message, they will remember it!

Josh Myer,  Biographical Sketch

Josh majored in Method Acting and has a Master's in Education. With his strong background in Theater and his 8 years as a Toastmasters, he has a unique perspective and insight into speech writing, storytelling, and stagecraft. 
He is the founding member of Taichung Improv (an improvised comedy group) as well as Taichung Theater Collective that initiates and develops theater projects in Central Taiwan. He works as a teacher, trainer, coach, performer and facilitator with kids and adults. 
He was the D67 International Prepared Speech Champion in 2014 and represented Taiwan at the 2014 World Championships of Public Speaking semi-finals in KL, Malaysia.