Dear members, 親愛的會員們,

The preparation of 2017 District 67 Fall Conference is in full swing in Taipei!  Whether you are from the North, Central or South, everyone has all the good reasons to come, to join and to enjoy, especially for those who have been waiting for a year! 

2017 秋季大會已在緊鑼密鼓的籌備中! 這次是在台北舉辦!但不論你是北部,中部或南部的會友,我保證每一個人都能享有最驚艶,最新奇的體驗!還有已經等待一年的會友們,千萬、千萬別錯過!

The 2017 D67 FallCon is organized by the Program Quality Director, Simon Nash, and co-chaired by five Divisions led by Directors Sherry Dong, Rojer Chen, Mayumi Hau, Michael Ginkgo Chen and Neal Stovicek plus the Conference Chair Julia Chou. We present simply a very strong team to serve you!

今年秋季大會由總會課程品質執行長Simone Nash 悉心統籌,以及五位總監(Sherry Dong, Rojer Chen, Mayumi Hu, Michael Ginkgo Chen and Neal Stovicek) 帶領的A、 E、 G、 J 及 M 五大分部聯合籌辦;大會主席Julia Chou 為總召集人。 強大的團隊,為會員做最佳的服務。

What is 2017 District 67 Fall Conference in it for us?

  • Get educated, energized and entertained by the Keynote Speaker Ed Tate, an award winning international keynote speaker, trainer, author, executive and motivational movie star!  He is known as “the speaker who energizes, educates and entertains.”  He was the year 2000 World Champion of Public Speaking!  And he is the trainer who coached and helped Darren Tay become the 2016 World Champion of Public Speaking!   
    我們請到西元兩千年的世界演講比賽冠軍暨富盛名的教育訓練大師Ed Tate 做我們的專題演講及兩場教育訓練講師。會員們學習,接受激勵及享受樂趣的經驗將非筆墨所能形容。你們知道嗎?去年世界演講冠軍Darren Tay就是他訓練教導出來的!
  • Enrich learning experience from various education and training programs.  We ensure all the trainers and speakers invited are top notch ones. 自各項教育訓練課程充實自己的學習經驗。
  • Enhance communication and public speaking skills by observing proficient and professional speakers.
  • Experience the excitement and overwhelming performance provided by the Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contests. 體驗幽默演講及講評比賽的興奮與刺激!
  • Enlarge social network and expand connections by meeting Toastmasters from every corner of Taiwan and abroad. 擴大社交圈關係與人際關係!
  • Experience the world class Conference Center, Chang Yung-Fa Foundation CCI!
    …. etc. 體驗具國際規模的張榮發會議中心設備所提供的舒適、視覺享受及巨型大舞台....等等。

For the very first time, D67 provides members with the biggest stage, dynamic and tailored programs for an unforgettable and the most exciting experience and challenge! 2017 D67 Conference is an adventure for you to explore in every way!  You will find it worth every minute you spend there.


I look forward very much to seeing you all at the 2017 D67 FallCon! 我們秋季大會見!


Aim High!  Thrive and Shine!  
邁向巔峰! 活得精采!   

Trini Ding丁海華, DTM

District Director 2017-2018

Toastmasters International, District 67 

總會長, 2017-2018