Evaluation Engineering 101

Time 時間 : 2017/4/29 14:40-15:20 (40')

Location 地點 : Room 83-0101 會議室 (第三講堂 3rd Lecture Room)



4/29 English Training Session 英語教育訓練 (40’)


TITLE 講題 : Evaluation Engineering 101


Hey there fellow Toastmasters!  

I am thrilled to have the honor to do a workshop at the Spring convention in Tainan entitled   
"Encouraging, Energetic, Enlightening Evaluations"
The year that I won 1st place in the Evalution contest at the  2014 Taiwan D67 convention, I volunteered, or asked, or begged to have an evaluator role 27 times in 2013, and 54 times in 2014. I did as many as 8 evaluations in one week. In the 8 years before that, I had placed 3rd in Evaluation... TWO TIMES!!!    I placed 2nd one time... and got eliminated before the District competitions in all the years I didn't place.   I would show up at an evaluation contest, and would get the attitude  from some people....What??? you are still competing???? C'mon old man... make some room for some new younger ones to compete!
In this workshop I want to have something for the beginner evaluator, something for the average evaluator, and something for the those that are competing. 
Evaluation is such a useful skill to develop because it will help you in so many areas.  You'll get more sensitive to what makes a good speech. Your ability to develope a short speech that encompasses your opinions, observations and suggestions with a good conclusion will help your ability to focus, think quickly, and present what you have to say in a very short period of time. 
It is my goal to vaporize your fear of evaluations and equip you with tools and ideas so you will enthusiastically confidently grow to become great evaluators! 
When you come to the workshop, get ready to buckle down and concentrate because we only have a SHORT 40 minutes to cover a lot of ground.
I look forward to seeing you at the spring conference.

Trainer's BIO 講師簡介:

Toastmsters experience 演講會經歷

I have been a Toastmaster since 2003.  
Served as President at Taipei  Metro, Prestige, and Founding President of TGIF.
We hit President's Distinguished Club in every one of those years.
In Taiwan D67 competitions, I have won first place in Evaluation, and Table Topics, and have competed in the District International Prepared Speech Contest and Humorous Contest.
Work experience 工作經歷
My work experience has included working as: Lifeguard, Running a Sawmill, Logging, Farming, Carpentry, Construction, Firefighting, Industrial First Aid, Oil Exploration, Forestry Re-forestration, Road building, Operating Heavy Equipment, Flying, Aircraft Sales, Aircraft construction, Telecom, and Indoor Air Quality with our Dr. Air brand of home and industrial purifiers.
Passions and Hobbies 興趣和樂趣
Passions and Hobbies:  Toastmasters,Cycling, Photography, Music/Guitar/PianoChurch Worship team, and fulfilling my role as a Christian here on earth!