Organize Your Speech - No Pain No Gain

Cindy - Fluency


Every time I come up here to deliver a speech. I feel so scared and nervous because I have stage fright. Sometimes I ask myself “Why do I give myself so much trouble”? It's not like I can get a big prize or become famous. Besides I might make a fool out of myself. But when the speech is finished, I always have a great sense of fulfillment. Every fear I had has disappeared, and I can't think of any reason to complaint even though the process is so hard and time consuming. To me it is worth it; remember the saying goes “no pain no gain.” 

I learnt from this book that Jenny Bou was excellent at speaking English, yet before every one of her English speech contest she looked for many chances to rehears with an audience. Her attitude was very serious and aggressive. Do you know how many times she would rehearse before she went on stage? At least one hundred times. I can't believe that!!! Did she really need to rehearse so many times? I am surprised that even though she was so talented she still wanted to practice as much as she could before going on stage.  

There is a saying” Practice makes perfect”, don't doubt it! Jenny Bou has been the most significant role model for me. I used to lock myself in my room and practice speaking loudly. My family was very confused and would knock on the door and asked “Who are you talking to? What are you talking about?” Are you okay? Now I usually rehearse while I am doing house chores, sometimes my family stared at me like I am crazy but I just smile back at them and keep going I think now they are getting used to my mumbling around the house in English. Once in a while I will invite my folks to be my audience and after listening to my speech I like to ask them for their opinion. I would say don't tell how good I am just tell me what I should do to improve. 

Besides practicing at home, I see every opportunity to practice my speech; after my aerobic classes, during my break at choir practice or even I have finished eating a huge meal in a restaurant. I will find any body to listen to my speech whether or not she or he understands English. I will ask them to listen to me and then I will just start reciting away, this even includes my 92 year-old mother in law. 

The preparation that goes into giving a speech is enough to make anyone feels stress but at the same time, I always feel challenged. Since I joined Fluency, my life has become different.  I used to hang out with friends or go to the movie with my husband quite often, but now English has taken almost all of my free times, I think about English when I first wake up in the Morning, and it is the last thing I think about before falling asleep, I know I still need to practice a lot.  I also know that in order to develop a better understanding of English, a person must always work hard and never give up. Practicing is demanding but the sense of achievement helps me to continue. 

My husband once said to me, you are working too hard and then he stared at me and said proudly “A hard working woman is the most beautiful woman of all” So you see, No pain….. No gains!