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Toastmasters International, District 67



Toastmasters International District 67
(Spring) Council Meeting

April 25, 2004


Club Name:                                            Club No.:

I hereby appoint                                         to vote as my proxy at the Council Meeting stated above.

 Signed:                                                  Title:                           



Either the Club President or the Club Vice President Education may designate, in writing, (using this form or other written communication) any active member in good standing of the Club to act as a proxy or proxies, and cast one or both ballots of the Club at the District Council Meeting. In the event one of those Officers is not in Attendance at the meeting and has not designated, in writing an active member of the Club to act as proxy or Proxies of the Club at any Council meeting, the other Officer in attendance may cast two votes, No other proxies Shall be valid at any such meeting. 

Each member of the District Council, or Club proxy for the Club President or Vice President Education in Attendance is entitled to one vote. Any active member who carries the proxies of both the Club President and the Vice President Education from the Club is entitled to two votes; and any such Toastmasters who is also a member of the District Executive Committee is entitled to three votes. All other Toastmasters shall be limited to a maximum number of votes that any Toastmasters may cast is three, regardless of the number of Clubs to which that Toastmasters belongs.

1. 分會會長或分會教育副會長以書面(如附件 委任書)委任其他常態會員(active member in good standing)出席並代表會長或/及副會長投票。
2. 地區總會大會成員(the District Council member)或代表分會會長或教育副會長之受人(Club proxy)可投一票。如持分會會長及教育副會長委任書者,可投二票。如為總區執委會(District Executive Committee)成員(區總監以上幹部)受委任時,可投三票(包括本人之一票)。其他會員(Toastmaster)無論加入多少分會,最多只能投二票。總之,最多不能超過三票。