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Attendance: 31 Written by Jerry Lien,TM

Best speaker: Eiko Omichi,TM Edited by : Mindy Wei, TM

Best evaluator: Billy Chen,CTM

Best joke teller: Jerry Lien,TM

Best table topic speaker: Leo Shih


Just coming back from the U.S, our president Sam told us happily in his opening remark that he found his English proficiency and communication skills have improved a lot, which he attributed to the training of TMC and encouraged members to attend the meeting regularly.

TM of the evening David Chuang conducted the meeting so smoothly and confidently that you wouldn’t realize it is his first time to do it. No wonder, instead of worrying about how to smoothly handle the meeting, he expressed his interests to host the meeting again. That is the confidence which he has already built in Formosa TMC.

Humorous variety session master Michael with a new idea warm up the meeting successfully. He invited all participants to give whatever sentence they liked, then ask everyone to repeat that sentence again but adding the phrase “On my wedding day and wedding night” in front of it. Laughters were full of the meeting room when the sentence was repeated, e.g., “ON my wedding day and wedding night, I went to shopping,” etc.

Following the funny game, table topic master Henry narrated the hot issue about Clinton’s China journey and 3 No’s policy and asked a series of questions regarding it. No matter how controversial it is, all speakers, including Billy Shyu, Billy Chen, Leo Shih and Theresa Chen delivered their opinions quite well and right to the point. Leo won the award for his wonderful comments.

There were four prepared speeches delivered by Ellen, Debby, Sam and Eiko. What wonderful speeches they were. Their individual evaluators, Henry Chang, Luisa Hsieh, Billy Shyu and Billy Chen gave them high appraisement with some informative and constructive suggestions. We not only learned a lot from their public speaking skills but also from their living experiences. Our new member Eiko’s debut earned her the best speaker award for her tremendous performance.

Taking last minute assignment, General Evaluator Peggy demonstrated the model of the job. She evaluated the whole meeting very concisely and informatively. Thresa’s language evaluation was also the highlight of the meeting. As an English teacher, she truly gave us a good English lesson. All of us enjoyed a successful and wonderful night.


MINUTES OF THE MEETING NO.82 (July 28, 1998)


Participants: 28 (24 members, 4 guests)

Best Joke Teller: Mindy Wei, TM

Best Table Topic Speaker: Shane Lin, TM

Best Speaker: Leo Shih, TM Written by: Sue Chen, TM

Best Evaluator: Richie Chan, CTM Edited by: Billy Shyu, CTM

Tonight everybody enjoyed the meeting with a pleasant mood because of the big and comfortable venue.

The TME, Michael Liang hosted the meeting with his slow-speaking style which made the meeting like a soft song.

As a Joke Master, Henry Lin made good use of all the time for the Joke Section. We were amused by the jokes brought by seven members. Mindy Wei’s tongue twister about “somebody, everybody, anybody and nobody” won her the Best Joke Teller.

With clear voice, the Master of Table Topic Session, Sara Chien, presented four questions concerning “unforgettable things,” “choosing a new job again,” “choosing a new spouse” and “sharing three nice things happened today.” In spite of not showing up for a long time, Dr. Shane Lin’s responses to the last question charmed most of the participants and won him the Best Topic speaker. Are you interested to answer the challenging questions like that impromptu? Welcome to attend our meeting regularly.

Leo Shih’s speech on “More walking, less driving” made him the Best Speaker of the evening. But he felt guilty because he is indeed a person with the opposite character. Grace Tan delivered a very meaningful and inspiring speech entitled “Be Positive” Sam Doong gave a speech on “Overcome the stress” in which he offered seven tips for our reference.

Owing to time constraint, General Evaluator Sufen Weng concisely evaluated the whole meeting and reminded us to do evaluation according to TM manual. The Individual Evaluators including Baker Tu, Debbie Tai and Richie Chan gave positive feedback to prepared speech speakers respectively. Richie was voted as Best Evaluator.

As commented by the President, tonight’s meeting is a wonderful one and all of the members should attend the meetings regularly.


Minutes of the Meeting No. 84

September 8, 1998


Attendance: 24

Best Speaker: Joyce Chang

Best Joke Teller: Thomas Chen

Best Table Topic Speaker: Sufen Weng Written by Mindy Wei

Best Evaluator: BillyShyu

Sergeant at Arms Leo Shih called the meeting to order at 7pm sharp. Toastmaster of the Evening Emily Chung, with elegant manner and sweet smile, conducted the meeting joyfully. Timer Sophia Shih, AH Counter Leo Shih, and Vote Counter Steven Chen explain the meeting rules for us. The Variety Session Master was Eiko Omichi. She first told us about the joke happened between herself (a Japanese wife) and her Chinese husband, then six participants followed her step to warm up the atmosphere with their jokes. Our guest from Sunrise TMC Thomas Chen achieved the Best Joke Teller award. Tonight’s table topic master Philip Hsiao led us to think about many hot issues, which covered the headline news of Clinton’s sex scandal, surrogate mother, single parent, and inheritance. Sufen’s opinion on single parent won her the best table topic speaker award.

For the first time in our club, we have 5 prepared speeches in a meeting. Our new member Helen Kuo gave her icebreaker speech and got a lot of applause for her wonderful performance. Henry Lin talked about his experience in a trade negotiation with the US. Joyce Chang’s speech entitled “Dig your well before you are thirsty” was very impressive, which also won her the Best Speaker Award. Baker Tu reminded us of the childhood in the countryside. Lovely lady Sue Chen let us know what her dream was and how she realized her dream. Five speeches were all excellent and informative. From the evaluation team led by guest General Evaluator Thomas Chen, we learned more on how to improve our ability in delivering a speech. We also benefit a lot from our Language Evaluator Sufen Weng.

Tonight everyone had marvelous performance. A very rich and educational meeting was able to wind up at scheduled time.

Minutes of the Meeting No. 85

September 22, 1998


Attendance: 23 (Member: 22, Guest: 1) Written by: Mindy Wei

Best Joke Teller: Grace Lu, CTM Edited by: Richie Chan, CTM

Best Table Topic Speaker: Charlene Huang, CTM

Champion of In-house Tall Tales Contest: Peggy Chang, TM

First Runner-up of In-house Tall Tales Contest: David Chuang, TM

Tonight is our club – Formosa’s In-house Tall Tales Contest. Madam President Debbie Tai welcomed all the participants. She regretted that 3 out of 7 scheduled contestants withdrew from the contest due to various reasons, and praised Peggy Chang for replacing Sheryl Chang to attend the contest at the last minute.

TME Ellen Chou had good preparation and conducted the meeting gracefully. Joke Master Grace Tan led the session with a joke regarding “A dog named sex.” Five members and one guest followed to offer jokes to share with audience. Most of the jokes implied “sex,” e.g., Joyce talked about President Clinton’s sex scandal; Eiko joked about “inappropriate relationship;” Philip had some funny interpretation about “Viagra.” Finally, our guest Grace Lu won the Best Joke Taller Award by mentioning a mischievous guy filled in his personnel data: Name: xxx, Age: xxx, Sex: twice a week! Topic Master raised questions regarding definition of good life; rewinds of your life; middle age crises; life simplification, etc. Charlene Huang’s impromptu response on “what would you do if you were First Lady Hillary” won her the Best Table Topic Speaker Award.

In in-house tall tales contest session, Leo Shih led us to buy steel in North Korea. Sue Chen talked about “what’s the matter.” David Chuang said he encountered a crazy police officer and Michael Liang told us his version of a Shakespeare’s story MacBeth. Then, Peggy Chang took us with her to the outer space where we found President Lee’s little white ball! After enjoying all these imagination, we came to the reality where our judges Charlene Huang Grace Lu and Billy Shyu led by Chief Judge Richie Chan gave us their comments respectively. They praised all the contestants for having the courage to take the challenge to lie in public and pointed out merits for each one. Leo had a good story. Sue was self-confident. David wore attractive smile. Michael had excellent eye contact. Peggy performed marvelous body language and vocal variety. Judges elaborated a good tall tale has to be highly original, improbable, and plausible. Contestants need to develop a story which is creative, personal and better with lots of climax. You can create interesting twists in the story, exaggerate facts, however, keep a balance between reality and imagination.

What a fruitful night we had. Everyone was encouraged to explore more good ideas for next year’s tall tales contest!

Minutes of the Meeting No. 86

October 13, 1998


Attendance: 38 (Member: 20, TTIC:11, Guest: 7) Written by: Wesley Hsu

Best Table Topic Speaker: C.C. Ho, CTM Edited by: Sufen Weng

Best Prepared Speaker: Sterling Hsaio, CTM

Best Individual Evaluator: Richie Chan, CTM

Best Special speaker: Eric Suen, ATM

Tonight we had a joint-meeting with TTIC club. The Sergeant–at–arm, Grace Tan, opened the meeting precisely at 7:00. Following the opening remarks of Madam President Debbie Tai, expressing her sincere welcome to the participants and honorable guests. It was a full house meeting.

The Toastmaster of the Evening Luisa Hsieh conducted the meeting successfully under the assistance of the Timer, TM Ellen Chou, Ah counter, TM Henry Chang, and Vote Counter, TM Grace Tan. The Variety Session was hosted by Sam Doong. He raised 20 skills in a bingo list. All participants should match them to participant who has this skill. In that way, it let all the participants know each other better. Within three minutes, Sterling Hsaio from TTIC got 15 signatures from the participants and won him the prize.

The Table Topic Session was conducted by CTM Grace Lee from TTIC. She presented three topics that were “In order to meet Mr. or Miss Right in your life, do you mind joining the kind of matchmaker’s TV program?” “Who is in charge of the money in your family if your wife were a career woman?” and “If you were 黃義交, how to deal with those criticism from his ex-girl friend, 周玉蔻?” The President of NTU, CTM C.C. Ho gave an unexpected answer to the last question and won him the Best Table Topic Speaker.

After a short intermission, we were eager to hear the prepared speeches. David Chung told us how to avoid the computer disaster in the coming year 2000. Sterling Hsaio from TTIC taught us how to play a role. In his opening, he acted as “a taxi driver”, suddenly he pulled out a gun and shouted to the audience “ Are you talking to me?” It really frightened the audience. No wonder he won the best speaker ribbon. Gary Tseng from TTIC explained “the buddha’s ultra vision,” which suggested that people should overcome their desire and enlighten the candle of life by helping others. In Eric Suen’s special speech, he reiterated that Council’s mission is to help members to achieve self-confidence and personal growth, while strengthening leadership, providing training programs and producing communication tools are Council’s three major goals.

Jude Wei, Macy Lee, Billy Shyu and Richie Chan were individual evaluators. They all gave us very useful, constructive and positive suggestions on how to improve our speech skills. Richie Chan pointed out that in order to persuade the audiences, speakers should do research before providing evidence and details. It won him the best evaluator. Language Evaluator Philip Hsiao pointed out a lot of good phrases and mistakes that the participants had used. We got benefit from it. General evaluator Steven Yen from TTIC gave us educational comments.

At the closing remarks, the TTIC President concluded that tonight we had a successful joint meeting. He encouraged all members to walk out and join other club meetings more often.




Minutes of Meeting No. 88

Attendance: 19 (17 members and 2 guests)

Best joke teller: Billy Shyu Best Prepared speaker: Billy Shyu

Best Table Topic speaker: Mindy Wei Minutes writer: Debbie Tai

Best Evaluator: Steve Tone Editor: Charlene Huang

The meeting was called to order right at seven o’clock. After a brief report on Toastmasters activities, President Debbie Tai introduced the invited guests. Then TM of the Evening, David Chuang, took over the control. David presided over the meeting with confidence and exuberance. Although the attendance was in a historic low at Formosa, he still wore the same smile and spared no efforts to give all participants a wonderful evening.

Jerry Lien hosted the Variety Session and invited five volunteers to tell jokes to heat up the low atmosphere. Besides joke telling, he conducted another game "Charade", which also inspired lots of participation. Table Topic Master Rita Hsieh prepared six different topics to challenge impromptu speakers. Wesley Shu insisted that white lies are necessary. Mindy Wei said if you try to be democratic, rather than authoritarian, with your children, you’d behave totally different. Leo Shih told us about his boss's second-hand smoke. Henry Lin reminded us of the need to put up with facts of life, because our life in real world is not always ideal. Jerry Yang said he liked winter most because its an energetic season and Debbie Tai suggested that good manners starts with ourselves: Always say "Thank you," and "Excuse me," then you can expect same thing in return.

Prepared speaker Jerry Chang gave reasons that we should boost the love of reading, to cultivate the reading habit. Reading is for fun. Reading is necessary to maintain curiosity. Reading can broaden our horizon. Billy Shyu took a giant step to deliver his A1 speech entitled "3 M” -- an acronym of Modernization, Morale, and Money. He told us about the streamlined operation, high working spirits and good pay at the Customs. The invited guest Sterling Hsiao acted out an episode of drama to illustrate the fact that we perform different roles in our life.

Finally came the most excited moment, the evaluation session. Philip Hsiao led a strong team to give the feedback. Henry Chang totally agreed with what Jerry Chang said about cultivating a reading habit. Steve Tone complimented on Billy Shyu’s speaking style as being accessible to the audience. Language Evaluator Charlene Huang analyzed the usage of "ever" and "never ever." She also illustrated the importance of enunciating the “R” sound with the word-pair “impotent” and “important” through a banana in the shape before and after taking the magic pill "Viagra." I believe the audience will never ever forget to correctly pronounce the R sound in the future.

After the meeting followed the first Club Officers Meeting. Through the discussion, we agreed that the highest priority was to recruit more new blood to stimulate growth in existing members. Furthermore, we need to do a survey about whether we should move the venue to the Customs Building. The whole program was adjourned at night thirty.