1. Inducting Officer
@ "Fellow Toastmasters, it is now our duty and privilege to induct ________new members into the Yang Ming Toastmasters Club. This is an important occasion, both for these new members and for our Club. These individuals have come to Toastmasters seeking to improve their communication skills, and we now have an opportunity to help them learn, grow, and achieve. "
2. Inducting officer calls each new member forward to the lectern and gives a brief introduction.
3. Inducting officer asks S.A.A. leading the new members outside meeting room.
4. Inducting Officer
@ "Fellow members, if anyone has any objection to accept any of them to be our new members, please lift your hand!! " "Now, please all stand up and applause to welcome our new members. "
5. Inducting Officer
@ "________, you are joining a worldwide organization that has helped nearly three million people
learn to communicate more effectively. As members of the Yang Ming Toastmasters Club, you will benefit from a proven program of self-development. You will become part of an outstanding group of people who are dedicated to helping one another in a spirit of sharing and enjoyment. "
6. Inducting Officer
@ "Mr. Vice President Education, who have been assigned as coaches for these new membersH"
7. VPE gives names of coaches.
8. Inducting Officer
@ "Would these Toastmasters join me at the lecternH"]Coaches come to lectern^, "As experienced Toastmasters, you have been asked to helped these new members get off to a good start. Do you accept this responsibility and pledge to share your knowledge and experience with our new members so that they can immediately begin to benefit from their Toastmaster membershipH"
9. Coaches give affirmative response.
10. ]Yellow page, Oath^
11. Certificate:]VPM^
BadgeG]President^ New Member KitG]VPE^  FlowerG]Secretary^
12. New members take picture all together with officers.
13. All members shake hands with new members.
14. Ceremony is completed.