總會長回顧 - 郭麗琴  



人生總是有非常多的抉擇,而這個抉擇關係到一個人的價值和理念。我總是自認為自己聰明,所以很會閃很會躲,總是挑最容易的,總是挑最輕省的, 隨著時間的流逝,突然驚覺自己如溫水煮青蛙,和社會脫節,躲在井底的舒適圈還自鳴得意。


郭麗琴 Doris Kuo







A Journey to Learn And Serve

Joining Toastmasters 18 years ago, I started my lifelong learning process. Deciding to run and serve as a member of the Trio 3 years ago, I started my service leadership journey.

There are many choices in our life and the choices are related to one
s value and ideas. I thought myself to be a smart person, so I often tried to escape from reality, picked the easiest things to do, and the ones that required the least amount of effort.

Many years passed before I realized that I was like a frog, living at the bottom of a well, happy, and proud, but isolated from the real world.

Joining Toastmasters gave me the chance to explore a whole new world. I could get along with a group of individuals who were devoted and actively learning. I chose challenging paths to work on, which required me to work hard and overcome the pressure and nervousness of speaking on stage.

It also included leading a group of excellent leaders from all walks of life and being tested to our limits.

The result was encouraging. As the sayings go, “A calm sea trains no good sailors”. “Look at others, think about oneself.”, and “3 people together, there must be one who can be our teacher.” I didn’t want myself to only talk the talk, but to also walk the walk. When work comes, escaping from it feels
great in the beginning, but overtime there
s a realization of being idle and not growing.

Fellow Toastmasters, we all choose a seemingly challenging path, a path of duties, cooperation, and hard work. We are helpful, loving, and the desire to learn. We, Toastmasters, have the above traits and these traits can
t be bought with money.

Thank you to this great organization that has cultivated me for almost 20 years and help me become the person I am today. There
s always someone who I can learn from.

A toast to all the hardworking Toastmaster!

Doris Kuo