總會長回顧 - 黃邦光  

I joined Taipei T/M Club in the 70s, after reading TM Gordon Brooks column in the China Post introducing the T/M Program in Taiwan; at that time, we have only 3 Clubs, namely the;

Kaohsiung T/M Club ,
Devil Dog T/M Club [ Grand T/M Club ]
Taipei T/M Club

For Taipei T/M Club in:

1972 I Served as SAG.
1973 I Served as SEC.
1974 I Served as AVP.
1975 I Served as EVP.
1976 I Served as PRE.
1977 I Served as P.P.

第一任總會長 1989-1991
黃邦光 Thomas Huang

[ In our time, a person must have served all positions before he can be qualified to be nominated to run for the presidency. It means that a person must have 'thorough' knowledge of T/M training and the understanding of the spirit of T/M program before serving the President position, regardless of the social status, position or age.]

FOUNDER & CHARTER President of:[ 1985 ]

CHINA T/M Club - The FIRST Advance Club in Taiwan.
[ we became the 9th T/M Club in R.O.C. ]

FOUNDER & CHARTER Governor of : [1987/02/19]

R.O.C. Territorial Council - The World No.5 Council.

1/ Scandinavian Territorial Council.
2/ Alaskan Territorial Council.
3/ Japan Territorial Council.
4/ Malaysian Territorial Council.
5/ R.O.C. Territorial Council.

Territorial Council 'criteria':

1/ having minimum 9 T/M clubs.
2/ having 3 Areas of 3 clubs each: North, central & south.
3/ providing all the functions of a District.

***A 'District' qualification is having a minimum of 50 clubs.


CTM : 1986
ATM : 1987[The first ATM]
DTM : 1988[The first DTM]


Life Time Achievement Award
in Cross Cultural Communication
Kiwanis International

Author & tutor :
How to appraise Chinese Jade Artifacts.

Thomas Huang
P.O.Box 240, Taipei 100