Speechcraft 演講訓練營

Updated Date: 2021-02-03

Speechcraft 有三個主要角色。
角色1, 案子負責人Coordinator: 
技能提升: 課程設計,看到每個人的進步,指導/管理能力。
要求:待分會6個月以上,最少Pathways L1 或者CC6 為佳,例外的當然也歡迎
角色 2, 訓練營顧問 Advisor: 
角色3, 工作坊講師trainer: 
講跟課程主題有關,也是根據Pathways 項目的演講內容做出實體化和練習。
題外角色, 導師mentor:
We are welcoming district officers to reach out to any members, recommended to have a level 1 or above, or seasoned toastmasters who wish to serve the community with the giving back mentality.
There are 3 key roles:
1. Coordinator (the one aspect to get DTM credits): 
responsibility: lead, create, design  the program with the support of the club or community that you are assisting. You will be also linking out with workshop speakers and guiding members to speak more.
Every speechcraft session focuses on one aspect to train, and a follow up by the mentors of the club. You can assist in finding mentors in the club that you are helping.
Every speechcraft comes with 1. Table topics 2. Workshop related to the programme, 3. Prepared speeches (usually short speeches or Pathways speech)
And then follow up.
2. Advisor: 
welcoming experienced members to guide the speechcraft programme, this part you can find us for help. We will provide support.
3. Trainer:
Topic related to Speechcraft program. Create hands on pratices for Pathways training.
4. Additional role, mentor:
usually from club, guide the trainees and follow up.
The programme can be done in any language. English, Mandarin, Japanese, Taiwanese as long as it is a language that participants accept.
And finally we need workshop speakers. Workshop speakers can be utilising this platform to complete your prepared workshops in Pathways which is a level 5 required project or elective.
On behalf of all the clubs, I thank you for your time to participate in this endeavour. Every support helps to save and bond clubs, even members
Aaron Leung, D67 Speechcraft chair
1. Mentorship program 導師系統,
(導師/徒弟系統, 可以多練習以及實際操作)
2. Save clubs 幫助分會,
以及開拓給外來的嘉賓,讓他們可以體會演講訓練營。這些嘉賓也可以轉成會員哦,為什麼? 因為他們可以透過訓練營更加了解分會.
3. Chart clubs 創會,
4. Pathways program,
多一些機會做演講,尤其是Pathways 以及一些演講類. 平時不夠時間在例會裡去深討的,​可以利用辦演講訓練營, ​比方說大家可以現場寫作, 有導師,案子負責人協助
We are planning to have various Speechcraft options for the district.
For Speechcraft, in short, it's a speech camp/programme to deal with any of the four points, or combined.
1. Helps clubs with new members to bond with the club executives . (Mentorship programme and the basics)
2. Save clubs by opening up the programme to welcome guests to be converted to members.
3. Chartering a new club etc.
4. Opportunities to explore and try out Pathways speeches while on Pathways programme.
Aaron Leung, D67 Speechcraft chair
11/22: Back to basics
12/13: Keep Audience engaged
12/27: Keep emotion in check
1/24: Body language (updated)
2/21: Vocal variety (updated)
3/14: Turn everything into stories
3/28: Ending with note 
4/11: Move forward







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