Dear Fellow Toastmasters,

Greeting from Tachia! We are excited to invite you to attend the 2007 Fall Convention in Tachia on November 10 and 11. We are certain that the people who attended the 2002 Fall Convention in Tachia are still remembering the fun they had and can't wait to return.

The convention venue is the Tachia Jenn Lann Temple’s Arts & Crafts Culture Building. Not only does it have an auditorium hall capable of accommodating nearly one thousand people, but it also has an abundant collection of art objects related to Matsu which visitors can admire. We are also providing an additional guided tour of the culture and art in Tachia at no extra charge.

We have done some new things for this convention. The Mandarin and Taiwanese speaking contests and the English speaking contests will all be held in the same Auditorium Hall. In addition, you can also choose from a number of training workshops throughout the weekend.

We are sure that you are eagerly waiting to listen to the keynote speech. This fall, through our sincere invitation, the 2003 world championship of public speaking, Jim Key, is slated to share his endeavor and achievements with us. “Make it an AWESOME today for a BETTER tomorrow!!!”.

To ensure that every one of our members can enjoy the refreshments during intermission, we are going to provide each person a pre-packaged box of delicious fruit and snacks. While you are enjoying them, there will be several entertaining events going on to offer you a great chance to relax and recharge for another exciting contest.

Of course, the dinner party is always the most unforgettable part of the convention. It will take place in a luxurious dining hall with a capacity of a hundred tables providing ample food and exciting entertainment. While you are savoring the local gourmet, you will be feasting on high quality performance as well.

We are keeping the price low and are determined to give you the most value for your money. The total two-day package costs 1200 NTD. We can also arrange an accommodation for you in the Jenn Lann Temple or Central Plains Buddhist Temple which are exclusively used by their pilgrims. ?These safe and comfortable places cost between approximately 60 to 100 NT dollars.

Dear fellow toastmasters, what are you waiting for? Sign up today!


2007年秋季大會將於1110日及11日於大甲舉行,相信曾參加過 2002年秋季大會的會友們,都還念念不忘當年在大甲舉辦大會的創意與溫馨,時隔五年,我們更有經驗,也更加地用心,為的是讓您不虛此行。

這次的大會,國台語的比賽將與英語的比賽使用同一個大會場,依序進行,您將不必再為無法分身而有所遺憾。我們將邀請 2003年世界冠軍 Jim Key來與我們分享他的努力成果,「大師開講」總是不同凡響,您絕不可錯失。此外,更有多場次的教育訓練活動,讓您可以滿載而歸。

參加大會的費用將不再是您的沉重負擔,雖然生活物資一片漲聲,我們不但不調高收費,而且要讓您賺夠本,兩天全程參加的費用只要 1200元,此外,我們特別商請鎮瀾宮及中原紫雲禪寺提供香客大樓供會友們住宿,讓您住宿無負擔,輕鬆又安心。


秋季大會主席:黃錦雪 敬邀